Digitalization in OKIN FACILITY

Future starts right now.

OKIN FACILITY has been already actively using a whole range of up-to-date technologies that will have a significant and positive impact on services provided by Facility Management in the very near future.

On November 5, the Conference on Industry and Digital transformation was held by Euro Journal and OKIN FACILITY was the main partner of the event. Our representative among the speakers was Tomáš Polák, Strategic Business Director, who presented our approach towards new technologies. He basically stressed the way of digitization in modern facility management. Many other interesting topics were discussed, too.

Is digitalization in our industry really so vital?

It is, definitely. Digitalization is searching for digital technologies-based options that make internal as well as external procedures more efficient and effective. The aim is to reduce costs as well as improve efficiency and customers’ satisfaction.

Therefore, digitalization brings huge benefits and is supposed to gain even more on significance given the continuous evolution of technologies. If we manage to grasp and apply it correctly, we will get enormous potential allowing us continuous increase in efficiency and service development as regards Facility Management.

Furthermore, production and services digitalization (together with Internet of Everything concept) is also fundamental pillar of the “Industry 4.0” trend (so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution).

of European producers already consider Industry 4.0 as huge opportunity
expected "data-driven" decisions involved in production process by 2020

Experts estimate 20 billion IoT devices to be used by 2020


Good team is Truly Vital for Digitalization

It has been over seven years since I first encountered FM systems here in OKIN FACILITY, and honestly I can say that since then this specific field has made a huge step forward.

It started with just very simple Helpdesks responding to clients’ requests. Indeed, there were already attempts to add costs monitoring (and related approval procedures) or to involve regular legally required tasks projection, though these were nothing more than so-called “baby solutions”.

Martin Polepil

Technologies OKIN FACILITY uses in digitalization process

We believe that systematic data collection and its subsequent analysis will always not only improve efficiency but also trigger continuous increase of customers’ satisfaction.

This is the aim behind our new technologies creation.


Unique tools for efficient management and measurement of services supplied by technical management.


OKIN FACILITY has been already proactive in using the Internet of Things with a whole range of our clients.

Our clients are already familiar with the benefits of digitalization

Currently, IoT features have been implemented in dozens plants of our clients.

Digitalization can be highly beneficial also for you

Are you interested in the benefits of digitalization within our services? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to arrange a meeting to provide you with various details concerning this topic.