Unique tool ensuring efficient management and measurement of services supplied by technical management.

For a long time, OKIN Company has been engaged in controlled increase of our employees’ performance on our clients’ orders involving technical management of facilities. The project responsible for this issue is called DRIVE!. To implement DRIVE! within the order, it is necessary to insert information resulting from facilities stock-taking and to report in OKIN FACILITY Operation System. Individual requests clients may place at a time have been solved via our Helpdesk.

Regular tasks generated on a daily basis from OKIN FACILITY Operation System are either assigned automatically or via a controller to a specific maintenance operator on their mobile device. The operator will then provide comprehensive and updated ONLINE report of the overall repair or regular maintenance procedure in his mobile device while performing the task assigned. Software for the DRIVE! Project is based on our long-term experience in the area of Facility Management.

DRIVE! ensures perfect information for corporate users at any time

Receiving regularly dashboard reports, our clients are always updated. Consequently, they have perfect overview of the activities carried out on their orders and, in addition, can require a more detailed report at any time.

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