OKIN FACILITY Digitalization has been presented at 2018 FM Camp Conference in Poprad, Slovakia

OKIN FACILITY took active part at FM Camp Conference in Poprad, Slovakia which was focused on high tech and its benefits for FM industry.

The topic was discussed by Ing. Tomáš Polák, active in the FM industry since 2000. He has worked for OKIN FACILITY, which was founded in 1993, for already eight years. His contribution presented OKIN’s development since 2003, when it was acquired by Mgr. Michal Jelínek. At that time it employed 200 people in Prague and around, having grown to over 2,000 employees in 6 CEE countries since then.

In 2009, OKIN became member of European Customer Synergy (ECS), international joint-venture of selected private companies with nearly every European country as a member and shareholder. Our Company, originally engaged in technical management, has gradually built the departments of cleaning, security, open space management, reception, etc. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, OKIN FACILITY has gone through a number of changes since its foundation, especially thanks to digitalization, IoT and Industry 4.0. Its evolution is principally based on data collection, evaluation and further use for the purpose of improving the quality of services.

In general, around 67% of European producers consider Industry 4.0 to be great opportunity. While Facility Management does not fall under industry or production area, it can also make good use of it. This is the reason OKIN FACILITY has taken steps in this direction: 83% of producers make their decisions based on data, the same being true of services. By 2020, 20 billion technical devices will be connected to the IoT.

OKIN FACILITY’s digitalization has been based on Drive! System, first pillar developed and made internally. It involves the system for service delivery management and for controlled increase in productivity on orders. There are two parts within the system: System HelpDesk for responsive maintenance, and CAFM operation system (stock-taking, projecting, preventive maintenance), providing thus preventive as well as responsive services on a mobile platform. Both scheduled and unscheduled tasks are connected with an application in the technical workers’ mobile phones. The task is assigned to a worker located at the shortest distance and the time of the task completion is calculated.

The IoT presents the second pillar. OKIN is responsible for 3,500 facilities located in 6 countries as part of both network and local orders. The CAFM System registers 14,500 devices, while a weekly volume of work accounts for 18,000 tasks, be it bulb replacement or boiler room inspection. All data is collected and analyzed, compared between identical types of buildings and facilities, which, as a result, ensures more efficient task completion.

OKIN has been engaged in eight main technologies: some of them on a long-term basis, while some other are just being tested. For more information visit IoT Section at OKIN Facility webpage.